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Prospan 762
Product Name Prospan 762
Product Description

• Wide cover – fewer sheets and quicker installation than IBR or Corrugated Iron 8.5.
• High ribs – 28.5mm stronger and stiffer with better water carrying capacity than Corrugated Iron; roof slope can be as low as 7.5° for sheets shorter than 30m.
• Easy to install.
• Structurally stronger than Corrugated Iron.
• Aesthetically as pleasing as IBR and covers the same as Corrugated Iron 10.5.
• Optimum Wind Load Resistance (WLR) – Improved security and peace of mind.
• Can be spring-curved or draped onto a 26m radius in the convex and 56m in the concave.
• Can be factory-cranked to a minimum radius of 450mm.


Widespan is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial roofing applications. Its excellent strength in spanning and fast erection time makes Widespan economical from a structural and erection point of view.
The narrow pans of pierced fix profiles are resilient against oil canning and is thus recommended for any application where aesthetics is a consideration.

Roof Pitch:

The rib height of Widespan enables this roofing system to perform safely at a minimum roof pitch (or roof slope) of 10° for sheets longer than 30m. If the roof sheets are shorter than 30m the roof pitch can go down to 7.5°. When Widespan roof sheets are end-lapped the roof pitch should be taken into account. The minimum end laps for roofs pitches in excess of 15° is 150 mm and for lower roof pitches a minimum of 250 mm is advisable. End laps for side sheeting should be at least 100 mm. It is recommended that end and side laps on low pitched roofs are sealed to ensure water tightness.

Product Specifications:

Cover width: 760mm
Total width: 810mm
Coil width: 925mm
All dimensions given are nominal

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