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ProLok 700
Product Name ProLok 700
Product Description

• Water tight, long spanning, wide covering and light weight.
• Deep ribs – stronger and stiffer with better water carrying capacity; roof slope can be as low as 2º.
• Three quarter clip for ease of installation.
• Three fixing points per clip – locating holes with dimples for the wafer head screws, uncompromising strength.
• Optimum Wind Load Resistance – improved security and peace of mind.
• Spring Curving – drape the roof sheet over the large curve with ease.
• Thermal expansion sliding – unmatched ability to slide on the brackets due to thermal expansion, with no
abrasive or cutting actions associated.
• SABS tested – found to be one of the strongest profiles on the market.
• Can be spring-curved or draped onto a 36m radius in the convex and 60m in the concave.
• Can be cranked to a minimum radius of 500mm.


ProLok 700 is ideal for commercial and industrial roofing applications. Its excellent strength in spanning and fast erection time makes Pro Roof ProLok 700 economical from a structural and erection point of view.
The fantastic water carrying ability ensures low roof pitch structures that are cost effective for the full life cycle, from design, erection and maintenance. The wide pans of concealed fix profiles are prone to oil canning and is thus not recommended for any application where aesthetics is a consideration.

Product Specification:

Cover width: 700mm
Total width: 750mm
Coil width: 925mm
All dimensions given are nominal
Maximum Pitch 7º on Timer & Steel,
Minimum Pitch  3º on timber,
Minimum Pitch  2º on Steel.
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