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IBR Pro686
Product Name IBR Pro686
Product Description

• IBR provides the most rigid span characteristics of any pierced fix roof sheet profile.
• IBR offers the end user the option of having stiffening ribs in the sheet which help to remove oil canning from the broad flute.
• IBR can be factory-cranked, curved and bull-nosed in the concave and convex direction.


IBR is ideal for commercial and industrial roofing applications. Its excellent strength in spanning and fast erection time makes IBR economical from a structural and erection point of view. The narrow pans of pierced fix profiles are resilient against oil canning and is thus recommended for any application where aesthetics is a consideration.

Roof Pitch:

The rib height of IBR enables this roofing system to perform safely at a minimum roof pitch (or roof slope) of 5°. When IBR roof sheets are end-lapped the roof pitch should be taken into account. The minimum end laps
for roofs pitches in excess of 15° is 150 mm and for lower roof pitches a minimum of 250 mm is advisable. End laps for side sheeting should be at least 100 mm. It is recommended that end and side laps on low-pitched
roofs are sealed to ensure water tightness.

Product Specifications:

Cover width: 686mm
Total width: 742mm
Coil width: 925mm
All dimensions given are nominal

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